Our "Ray of Hope Family Home"

Welcome to our Grand Opening- Sunday, June 3, 2:00 pm

  1. In Jinja, Uganda, 50 orphaned and needy children, ages 3 to 17, are waiting for their new home which is currently being built. This will be a loving and welcoming place to live for kids and the 8 to 10 adults who will care for their needs, including two teachers. 
  2. Construction started in January and we need $250,000 to completely pay the loans for this important humanitarian project. Move-in is scheduled for the first week of June!
  3. This 7,200 sf. home will have electricity, clean, solar-powered hot tap water and indoor kitchen appliances. The children will be taught how to make candles and soap and they will develop small business skills making products to sell. They will enjoy the garden, study and play spaces.
  4. The Ground Floor will have a spacious Kitchen and Dining Area, large bathrooms for the boys and the girls and four apartments for the adults who will be loving parents and guides for these blessed children.
  5. We are now building the eight dorm rooms on the second story where the children will be sleeping safely in their triple bunkbeds. Each older child will be a “Big Buddy” to a younger child in their room, and help make sure that they are well cared for by the entire family. 
  6. We believe that there is hope for each of these precious children’s lives and for their futures! Help is on the way… maybe through you or your organization? Please consider how you might be able to sponsor one of these children for $50 per month or help to support a special project or contribute to the building costs of their new Ray of Hope Family Home!
  • Thank you for taking the time to change the life of a Ugandan child today…
  • Your help will make a Big difference!
  • Tom Stanton and Bev Ecker 
  •  Tax-deductible checks can be made out to: 
  •  Ray of Hope, Inc.
  •   8540 SW Indian Hill Lane
  •             Beaverton, OR 97008