​Ray of H​ope,Inc.                   Jinja Uganda

Our Story is "His Story"

"We’ve loved every minute of our adventure!"

An Idea Is Born... and Fulfilled Fifty Years Later

Tom Stanton and Bev Ecker, who live in Beaverton, Oregon, were married on March 11, 2017. They were neighbors for 30 years, and both of their previous spouses passed away two years before. Together, they are very passionate about serving God through their church and jail ministries and by loving the orphaned children of Jinja.

When Bev was nine years old, a woman came to her church and invited those who felt called to serve as missionaries to come forward. Bev strongly felt God's calling to start an orphanage. Now, 50 years later, God has fulfilled the vision that she embraced as a child. Tom has been involved with Church Mission trips for years and generously offered his support to the building of the Ray of Hope Family Home!

Our First Five Orphaned Children...

In 2015, a "Jaaja," or African grandmother, brought five orphaned children to the home of George and Phionah. Their Christian parents had been murdered by their own Muslim relatives. Bukenya and George were partners in the Ray of Hope Children's Ministries program. They prayerfully decided to trust God to provide for the needs of these children. Soon, many more orphaned and needy children came to join this "family", and they were no longer "orphans", they were all part of a loving Christian family! Currently, there are now over 60 community students to be supported, with 30 children living on site.

When Bev and Tom came for the second summer, in 2017, to help with the Ray of Hope Ministry, their hearts were touched and they committed to building the "Ray of Hope Family Home" that opened June 3, 2018. Miraculously, by God's grace and with the help of the Ray of Hope Board, this dream has become a reality! Bev and Tom eagerly returned for their fifth visit to Uganda in January, 2020.