Ray of Hope  Skills Center and Pre-School

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Welcome to our

Ray of Hope Family Home!

Embrace - Inspire - Empower

Our Vision: 

  "A loving home for every child"

 Our Mission:

 We  support the Ray of Hope Family Home and Skills Center and

provide food and water resources for needy families in Uganda.

 Our Values:

              Embrace Christian values and quality education.

              Inspire faith in God, hope for a brighter future and love for one another.

              Empower our children to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.

Meet our Ray of Hope "C.A.R.E*  Team" Members...


Atiika Nakisige

Bukenya Dauda

"Executive Director"

+ 256 772 538 515

​Bukenya is the Founder and Administrator of the Ray of Hope Children's Ministries programs.  He is committed to serving the many orphaned and vulnerable children in our Jinja community and he provides his expertise in business and computer education with honesty and integrity.​

George  Bakalikwira

"Pastor George"

 Pastor George is the leader of the Ray of Hope Community Church ministries and the local outreach programs. He and Phionah are the "House Parents" at the Ray of Hope Family Home. They have three of their own children, Kevin,  Angela Joy and Adrianna.

Phionah Namagande

Phionah Namagande

 "Mama Phionah"

Phionah and her husband, George, are caring for the former orphans who now are living as a family in the Ray of Hope Home. "Mama Phionah" also teaches the children home skills like cooking and cleaning. She also teaches Hair Dressing.

Mercy Anyon

"Girls Dorm Leader"

 Mercy is an energetic and enthusiastic​​​ role model for the girls and young women. She finds joy in teaching creative Bible Classes, English and Writing. Mercy supervises and counsels the girls and boys, and helps them with homework, singing and dancing.