Welcome to the  Jinja, Uganda

Ray of Hope Family Home!

Our Vision 

  "A loving family for every child"

To build and oversee the Ray of Hope Family Home, where orphaned children 

will be part of a loving family, free to worship God, and free from poverty and abuse.

We will also seek to provide caring support for other needy children in the Mafubira Community.

Our Mission

To open the Ray of Hope Family Home in Jinja , Uganda, June 3, 2018.

To embrace Christian values and provide quality education for each child.

To inspire the personal growth and self-esteem of every family member.

To empower children to lead healthy, happy and productive lives in a safe home and family environment.

Celebrate the

 Ray of Hope Family Home 

Grand Opening!​​

Sunday, June 3, 2:00 pm

Jinja, Uganda​


Bukenya Dauda​,

Executive Director


Meet our Ray of Hope "C.A.R.E*  Team" Members...

* Our Values:

C- Christ-centered community 

A- Appreciation for the needs of the whole child

R- Relationships with respect & responsibility

E- Excellence​ in education

Atiika Nakisige

Bukenya Dauda

"Executive Director"

​Bukenya is the Founder and Administrator of the Ray of Hope Children's Ministries programs.  He is committed to serving the many orphaned and vulnerable children in his Jinja community and providing his finance and business expertise.


George  Bakalikwira

Pastor - "Daddy"

 Pastor George is the leader of the Ray of Hope Community Church ministries and the local outreach programs. He and Phionah are the House Parents and also will have two of their own children living at the Ray of Hope Home, Kevin and Angela Joy .

Phionah Namagande

Phionah Namagande

 "Mama Phionah"

Phionah and her husband, George, are caring for most of the former orphans who will be living as a family in the Ray of Hope Home. There will also be a Beauty Salon for "Mama Phionah" who will take good care of the children’s hair and teach Hairdressing skills. 

Atiika Nakisige

"Communications Director"

Atiika is our caring Assistant Administrator who is in charge of the  Communications Program that is now being established for the Sponsors to stay connected with their Ugandan children. Email her: [email protected]

Abert Tinka

"Boy's Dorm Teacher"

 Abert is an energetic and enthusiastic​​​ role model for the boys and young men. He finds joy in teaching creative Bible Classes, helping with school homework and playing sports and fun games with the boys in his dormitory. Abert loves kids!

Anisa Coakley

"Girl's Dorm Teacher"

Anisa has a passion for teaching and serving our very precious girls! She likes to  share her craft and jewelry making skills, assist with home chores and organization skills, tell Bible stories with puppets and read books with children.